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Peace Begins Now!

The way you talk to yourself can build you up or tear you down. When your inner dialogue is harsh, it’s usually because you’re repeating things you heard from your parents or other authority figures when you were growing up.

If the criticism goes too far, it can discourage you from trying and take the joy out of your life.

Here are some helpful tips:

*Break Free From Judgment

*Use Emotional Wellness Strategies

*Practice Self Acceptance Regularly

Take a look at a variety of techniques that prove that there’s more than one way to make peace with your “inner critic”.

Your “inner critic” will sound less scary if you remember that it wants to protect you from failure and other possible dangers.

Learn how to put it to work for you instead of against you in 3 easy steps:

1.Increase awareness. You may be so used to your inner critic that you hardly think about what it’s saying. Start changing your relationship by trying to understand what it wants to tell you and how you are triggered.

2.Look back. What’s your first memory of your inner critic? Does it sound like a particular person from your past? There may be family issues or other matters that you need to heal before you can move on.

3.Focus on growth. Adopt a growth mindset that takes you out of the past and brings you into the present.

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